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The Patidar Samaj of New England Incorporated, a Non-Profit organization was established in 1987 to serve as a forum for Patidar ethnic community with origin in India and to promote and preserve their cultural and historic heritage among themselves, their children and patrons. The Samaj is based in New England with members from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

The Patidar community--representing an ethnic group often referred as Patels, Amins and Desais--finds its roots in Gujarat state, located in the western part of India. The ancestry of this community lies in a tradition of farming and civic defense of society, and has a uniqueness of culture, heritage, social customs and manner which makes it different from other diverse ethnic and tribal groups in India and its Gujarat state.

The Samaj serves as a forum to provide interaction among Patidar community members (youths and seniors alike) as well as between the community itself and its patrons, other Indian cultural and ethnic groups, and American people.

The Samaj provides a forum to promote Gujarati culture in general and Patidar heritage in particular by offering programs, seminars, cultural events and ethnic celebrations.

The Samaj provides social, cultural and educational opportunities to young members with the aim of stimulating interaction and dialogue, thus promoting their understanding of the unique Patidar culture.

The Samaj has plans to provide educational assistance and/or scholarships to college students of the membership as funds are available.

The Samaj participates with other ethnic Indian groups and American cultural or social associations to promote Patidar culture and heritage.


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